Honey with Wild Berries


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Artisan Honey with Wild Berries


Estonians are very proud of their woods. The sight of fresh green forest bed dotted purplish-blue or ruby-red with berries gives both an intensely real and surreal impression reminding you to appreciate the wonders of nature. Honey with wild berries is a perfectly balanced mixture of and sour yet sweet berries and real fresh honey. Nordic folk medicine has always valued lingonberries for lots of vitamins and blueberries as a true source of vitality, supporting your body with antioxidants. With freeze-drying the berries we keep the vitamins safe and sound. 

Honey with wild berries is also a perfect component to use when cooking a Christmas feast, it really makes wonders. For glazing use (olive) oil in the same amount as wild berry honey. Balance the taste by adding something sour (e.g. balsamic vinegar or natural cranberry juice), add ground chili, a pinch of black pepper, some grain mustard, and salt. Better keep some pen and paper with you, guests are definitely gonna ask about this recipe!

Content: 96% honey from Estonia, 3% freeze-dried wild lingonberries, 1% freeze-dried wild blueberries


Data sheet

Nutritional infomation
per 100 g on average
Energy, kJ;kcal/100 g
1386 kJ/ 326 kcal
Fat, g/100 g
Saturated fatty acids, g/100 g
Carbohydrates, g/100 g
Sugars, g/100 g
Protein, g/100 g
Salt, g/100 g
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